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Block On Legs: First Steps (Abbuc Software Contest 2019) Replacement Levels, Bug Fixes, Additional Levels

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Here is a disk with replacements for the five levels on the abbuc disk and one extra one, copy these over to the abbuc disk: The files are "GBHLEVEL.001" through "GBHLEVEL.006".


If you want a bootable game, use DOS2.5  and copy GBH.COM as AUTORUN.SYS from ABBUC Disk "A" onto this levels disk with the new levels. I've removed this for now - please message me if you want the updates



The abbuc version has a lot of bugs as I didn't manage to send the fixed version.

If anyone wants their disk patching with the bug fixed version or wants to test out some additional levels send me the ATR and I'll update if for you.  If I get it ready I'll issue a patch program too.


*Bugs in abbuc version:

Sometimes falling under the floor will not restart properly and may lock up. Also glitches the screen.

IMPORTANT!>>> After landing if your body is "inside" a platform you need to move along before jumping again or it will reposition you and you'll probably fall off!

Some of the levels may not be possible without using the cheats (presss 5 to fly, 0 to land)

Sliding platforms not fully functional

Title screen not showing!

If you landing on the gems/pills pull down!

Debugging mode left on, showing gibberish on the status bar!


Instructions for the game:

Block on Legs - First Steps v1.00.txt


I will release this after the contest, with improvements to the jumping and bouncing off the platforms and hopefully with a high score table added if I can get my Ski-It code to work (insert fried brain emoticon!)



BOL Game Screen.png745076270_BlockOnLegsGameScreenLv2.png.70956446a067cbada861132f2812da70.png

BOL Game Over Screen.png

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