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Ice Cream Jonsey

Satandisk help request

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I have an Atari 520ST. I also have a Satandisk that I bought a long time ago. The card that the Satandisk has is the one that came with it, a 2GB one with three partitions. I have never been able to get it to work. I was wondering if anyone knew if I was obviously doing something wrong. I am new to the ST but not old systems in general.


I have a 9 volt power supply going to the Satandisk, what I have read is that that's in the range where it should be ok.

I have it connected to the HD port of the ST.

When I give power to the Satandisk a green LED flashes briefly and then a red LED goes on and stays on. It stays on throughout all that follows.

When I turn the ST on it boots, but I don't see anything on my screen that indicates that the Satandisk is being accessed and then I get the green desktop. What I think should be happening based on some videos I have looked at is that some text should appear on the monitor indicating that the Satandisk is active and there should be some folders on the ST's desktop that I could click into. I have never seen that. 


I can attach a video of the boot process in case I am doing something wrong. (I have read that sometimes you need to hold the Alternate button down when doing a warm boot, I've tried that as well to no avail.)


Any advice on what I could do next? 


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Red LED should be on for short - about 1 sec, then off. 

First thing what you should to try is other power supply. With little higher voltage. And question is, is current one can provide enough voltage under load ?  Other problem may be SD card, or even Satandisk self.

Holding Alt. key during boot is for prevent driver autoboot.  Boot process normally does not need any special action.

And this thread belongs in general Atari ST section, not programming one.


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