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Colecovision EM1 Compatibility

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The Expansion Module 1 for the Colecovision was supposed to be a reason to buy a CV instead of a 2600, or is it? Are there any games that does not work properly or at all on the EM1? For example, Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space requires the Atari's switches in order to control the spaceship. Will it work just fine on the EM1?

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Regarding Space Shuttle, you could say the same thing about Atari consoles with the difficulty switches in the back.  The coleco module has all the switches in front.  I think there are some third party cartridges that didn't physically fit the coleco module.  They made a cartridge extender for that.  You couldn't play paddle games without paddle controllers.


I think this was made to help convince Atari 2600 owners to upgrade to colecovision.  It also let Coleco claim to have  the largest video game library.  If you were looking for a system for Christmas 1982 why get a 2600 when for a few dollars more you could get a colecovision.  A year later you could buy a 2600 for the same price as the coleco module and you get joysticks and paddles.

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