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Mike Harris

Flashing Roms/BIOS

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Can someone give a quick class on what type eproms to flash concerning the ADAM BIOS.
I have 3 chips on my R80 board that contain the SmartWriter R80 and I suspect EOS on them.
What do you recommend that I do if I want to flash my own and replace them?

Also, with my R80 board underneath the Chips which is not on older boards is some type of jumper encased in film?
if someone can identify that as well.

Also regular Coleco Cartridges.

If anyone wants to chime in I am all ears.


Which Flasher do you recommend that I could use both types of chips on.

If you know of any that are NOT some old serial or Parallel port and are modern equipment.


The ultimate purpose is to modify the BIOS, maybe fix some corrections then add them back into the system.

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