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Newbie 1040 STfm Questions - TOS, floppy, RTC

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I had a 1040ST in the late 80's early 90's.  I purchased a very good 1040STfm and SC1224 (color monitor) on eBay, all seems to be working great.

So I have a couple basic questions as I get to know the ST again :-)  Thanks in advance.  Please see the attached picture:


0) Where can I find good FAQ details about the ST line?

1) What version of TOS do I have?  How do you tell?

2) Are these two socketed chips my TOS?

3) I see the Gotek drive replacement option.  Is there an option that does not require any case cutting?

4) Is there an external (2nd drive) option for Gotek?

5) See image of my current floppy.  Can you upgrade to a 1.44MB drive?  If so, what version of TOS would support this?

6) Is there a TOS that can handle Y2K (dates with years like 2019)?

7) Is there a real-time clock (RTC) add-on?

8 - Best source for new TOS?


1040STfm Q1b.JPG

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This are pretty much common questions, so may be interesting for other people too - like those visiting forum not regularly .


0 - I know only this one, not accidentaly 😀 http://atari.8bitchip.info/astbegfaq.html


1 - At Desktop Info screen there are years. If later is 1987 it is 1.02. If is 1989 is 1.04 . '85 is 1.00 . And that's all of official TOS versions for ST, Mega ST .

There are diverse diagnostic programs which will show TOS v. + many other details  like SYSINFO .


2 - Yes . You can google for those numbers on chips, and will see what TOS version is it - as other method to get it.


3 - External Gotek as A: would be that.


4 - Gotek can be set as A: , B: , switchable A or B ...  All is on how to connect some floppy lines.


5 - Upgrading to 1.44 needs extra circuit in ST and most likely Ajax chip instead original WDC 1772. And of course HD drive. That may cost pretty much, while benefit is minimal.

TOS 2.06 supports HD floppies (in primitive way - by setting steprate to fixed 6 mS, what causes not so nice sound) . But there is SW what can set any TOS to work wiht HD floppies.  I dealt with it around 1991 - then it was interesting and useful, and it costed me nothing in fact. My WDC 1772 worked well at double clock rate. I had HD floppy drive for free from dead PC ...   In 2019 I just don't think that it is good idea.  Better think about SD card based hard disk type storage like UltraSatan. That's just connect on machine, no need to any work inside ST or with cables.


6 - I have fix for bad solution about year 2K in TOS  http://atari.8bitchip.info/tosimpr.html

Change # 13 .


7 - Yes, for instance it is part of UltraSatan .

But there is same circuit as in Mega ST, with Ricoh chip. Question is is it still available. There are some other solutions, but that is likely not supported by TOS - what is not so bad now, you need fix/program in any case .


8 - Not sure what you mean under 'new TOS' . Latest original TOS for STs is 1.04 , from 1989. There are diverse patches available, KAOS TOS ...

I even have original UK TOS 1.04 chips.  What is really new is my TOS improvemen - started work on it in 2018. On link at answer 6 you may see more details.

Just to say here that it is in some way TOS mod for usage without floppies - we are in Flash card era over some 15 years already, and prices are now really low.


TOS 2.06 is latest Atari official TOS version what can work with STs, but it needs extra circuit in machine, and 32 pin sockets, so some soldering is necessary.

Not really for gaming, because lower compatibility with older SW.



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