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Hello everyone: 


I have a whole bunch of games on loan from another Atari user in my area, I have them for a month or whenever he comes back to pick them up, all boxed with manuals. Question , should I start with Pasti on them as soon as possible and get my scanner going for the doc files? 


This is what I have:



pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg

pic 4.jpg

pic 5.jpg

pic 6.jpg

pic 7.jpg

pic 8.jpg

pic 9.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Leaderboard has a red dongle

As does the course disks, are they the same key?



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They are both the same game and tournament disk, I was given one Package with the red dongle. Russ


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I remember back in the day, it was easy to make a Leaderboard dongle.  If you had a broken joystick you just took it and tied three wires together.    If not, taping the clamp togethers worked too.   I do not recall exactly which three wires they were, but black, white and orange seem to ring a bell, but do not quote me on that.


NOTE:  That is with an official CF40 Atari Joystick.  If you are using a 3rd party stick, they may use different wire coloring, as there was no standard for such things.


DISCLAIMER:  As mentioned. I am going by memory, and that was almost 30 years ago, so I can not say for sure that this is the exact color combination.


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