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New Apple II release: Buzzbox Tracker!

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Hello all!  I'm releasing another piece of Apple II software.


Buzzbox Tracker




Buzzbox Tracker is a very simple tracker software for the Apple II.  It lets you create sound effects/music which can then be easily used in games or other pieces of work.


Some features:


  • Note engine able to replicate (most) standard piano notes, at 7 volume levels
  • Sequencer, so able to place 32 patterns together in 128 combinations
  • Easy "keyboard piano" interface for making music
  • Fully ProDOS compliant, so works with self-booting disks or ProFile disks with subdirectories, etc.
  • Fairly self explanatory text GUI. :)
  • "Raw mode" so you can create sound effects for games.
  • Conversion utility so you can convert the song files (.BBT) into ca65 assembler source.


Buzzbox on Gitlab


Download disk images here: Buzzbox v1 (ProDOS self-booting 5.25 floppy and ProFiler image)


There's still a fair amount of bugs in this release but I want to go ahead and get it out there so people can play with it.


I have just one example song at the moment, but if you create anything neat I would love to hear it and I am willing to include it into future versions as more demo songs!


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