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FS: Ultimate RetroPie Setup w/Controller, Keyboard, PSU, 64GB - $110 SHIPPED - ***SOLD!!***

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My personal Pi setup is up for grabs. I wasn't going to sell this one, but it has been sitting unused for some time and I would rather have it get some use. 


You will notice the case is quite unique. It is a low profile case, but is solid metal. It works in such a way that the whole case is a heatsink. So, when the Pi is on this case gets HOT. But, the Pi remains at a cool temp. I don't think I have ever seen it reach beyond 50C. Not bad for a passive design! Not to mention the case gives it some heft! This case costs just as much as the Pi itself. I know, crazy, but I think its great. The model of the Pi installed is the 3B Plus (with integrated wifi and bluetooth)


The set also includes:


64GB Samsung EVO microSD card prepared with RetroPie

Speedlink Torid Controller (excellent controller) pre-configured. Dongle is in the Pi.

Logitech keyboard/touchpad combo (great for Kodi). Dongle is in the Pi

5V 3A power supply with on/off switch

HDMI Cable (only 3FT, so if you need longer you will have to supply one)


$130 $120  $110 shipped takes the whole thing. PM if you want it.






2019-08-28 08.32.15.jpg

2019-08-28 08.32.30.jpg

2019-08-28 08.32.41.jpg

2019-08-28 08.32.52.jpg

2019-08-28 08.32.59.jpg

2019-08-28 08.33.05.jpg

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7 minutes ago, phoenixdownita said:


you are competing with this 


and may need to dip below 100.



The case included in that set is a $7 cheap case. The card included is a 16GB card...mine is a 64GB packed with goodies. The only thing that set has an "up" on is that it is a Pi4....but that board still has compatibility issues with a lot of software. No, I will not be "dipping" below $100.

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I am going as low as $110 for this now. I will not go any lower than that. The parts alone ran me about $40 more than what I am now asking. This is plug and play, ready to go. You need to do nothing but hook it up and enjoy. If someone does not take it at this low price I will just keep it.

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