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I tried to re-make Super Mario World on The 2600(again)

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I was originally going to make keep this as a mini Atari art project to see how many levels I could remake from Super Mario World in Bb, until I realized that more of the game was re-create-able than I thought(if I use tricks like making the game in separate roms giant file sized PS1 game style). Right now, these are just the levels with not much point(no enemies, powerups ect) and Iggy/Bowser can't hurt you. I posted the pictures on a status update of the stand-alone levels. Though I'll link these again https://imgur.com/a/f0KpE2k

I'll also list the levels percentage completed :


Bowser Boss - %30 complete(cannot harm each other, and starts off in a blank space until you press left/right)


Iggy Boss - %50 complete(no collision with lava, or the boss, no way to attack)


Yoshi's House - %100 complete(this was a useless level in the original and same will be here)


Top Secret Area - %95 complete(no power-ups)


Yoshi's Island 2 - %10 complete(level map done, nothing else)


Yellow Switch Palace - %99 complete(needs a level end).


Star Road 2 - %40 complete(lacks enemies, level completion, and gravity).


Star Road 3 - %10 complete(just the level map done).


As for the rest, of everything. Due to Nintendo's strictness with Mario(and their IPs in general) the project will not be finished past this point . If Nintendo does see this. I will take down these roms by any Nintendo rep's request. I will share these for now though.


Bowser Battle.bin Iggy Fight.bas.bin StarRoad2.bas.bin TopSecretArea.bas.bin YellowSwitchPalace.bas.bin YoshiHouse.bas.bin

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While I have seen(and played) Princess Rescue. While the problem with studying the source code, is that P.R. is based on the first Mario, while SMW is fundamentally different in almost every way aside from the very basics(running, jumping, and block hitting). Along with that, PR attempts to be sort of different to Mario, while this is meant to be as close as SMW as possible. Though I do give props to the creator of PR/Zippy(no offense to other creators, I've seen some other really good home brews). I really love those games, probably the best for the system.And I did consider that for the project though. I might continue past the point I said I would(probably finish Yoshi's Island 2 in the style of my Yellow Switch Palace scrolling) It would be more complicated to do due to the code being crap, but I could probably pull it off with some clever tricks with the coding I know.

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I feel like something was missing from the original post, so I added it.

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