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Nutmeg for Lynx - a new game from Retroguru

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Here is the second game for the Atari Lynx from the Retroguru Team.


This game is an entry for the Atari Lynx 30th Birthday programming competition. The game can be dovnoaded or played online here.




Nutmeg is an extended version of Photon Storm's HTML5 game Nutmeg, which is a  one button side scrolling jump and run game. The first five levels are the original ones. Other levels are new and an original creation.
Retroguru kindly thanks Richard Davey (Photon Storm) and Ilija Melentijevic for permission to pick up on Nutmeg.


The goal of the game is to rescue the blue ducks kidnapped by an evil guy. There are five world, each with five levels. But the last worls is hidden somewhere. At the end of every levelyou'll get a small clue. Collect all of them and try to guess what they mean and how/where to use them to unlock the hidden world.




n3.png.b1e388ef12c6c2058543a76f6a0a06a9.png                n4.png.d3dc97b0971e67f6f99f752a93a3a754.png


The game logic is very simple, use any key to jump. Keeping the key pressedyou can do several jumps in a row. But jumping isn't always the best thing to do. To solve levels you has to momorize the path and learn where to jump and the corect timing. It's not as easy as it can seems.


In some levels there are cactus, spikes, pink cats and rolling stone balls to make everything harder. When you know how to beat a level, you can try to make a hghscore taking all the stars you can, but not all the stars can be taken.


n5.png.3aa110bb77c722abccd9bbe11031322f.png            n6.png.7862eabc14c1f9057520452b63a9ee02.png


Attached you can find a text file with instructions and redits, but here are the most important informations you need:


 Menu controls:


Game controls:


Game setup


Nutmeg for Atari Lynx can be played on a real Atari Lynx writing an EEPROM Lynx cart  of at least 256 KB with the nutmeg.lnx file (removing the starting 64 bytes header), or using a RetroHD SD cart.

It can also be played on Lynx emulators, but most emulators will have sound issues.

The game saves higscores if a Lynx cart with an extra 128 bytes EEPROM chip is in use. Emulators need to support EEPROM emulation.
To enable saves on a RetroHQ SD cart, a file named nutmeg.sav of 128 bytes must be  created on the SD in the /saves/ folder (the content of the file is not important and
 will be overwritten at first use).



Note: usually Retroguru games need several months of testing to polish everything; for this competition we had only 3 months to do everything from scratch, but in the next month we will continue to make small improvements to the game, so please leave us feedbacks so we can improve it.


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Simple but challenging fun runner! There was many nice looking entries in the competition, but this one is one of the best looking ones in my opinion. :thumbsup: 🎨 The game as a whole also has a very polished feel.

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I made a small promo video of the game (44 seconds) and a long gameplay sample (about 9 minutes):




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Very cool! I've already put this video as the short play - 




I'll add the long play video to the game info page.


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5 hours ago, power said:

have you considered the game as a platformer rather than a runner?

I had the same thoughts when playing the game actually :)

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Thanks to @KevinMos3 that completed world 1 the first of the cheat codes of Nutmeg is public.


Check here:


Happy playing Nutmeg.





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For those who are interested...

If you finish the first 4 worlds, you get a chance to unlock the secret level hinted at in the highscore screen.

My advice is to take notes as you play through.


IMG_0994_sm.thumb.jpg.aa90547aa05ff0b858d3403edf848112.jpg IMG_0995_sm.thumb.jpg.1c12404dee2b4db378e0b2cb7372ea28.jpg

*ignore the dotted "D" on my BennVenn screen.  I haven't removed the protective layer yet.




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