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GBSVGA Genie V2.0 In Development

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I have received the GBSVGA Genie V2.0 production run of the PCB's.


I put one together today and it works flawlessly with my GBS8200 V4.0.  I am using my Geneve Video to DB9 converter as well.  I got those in as well.


Version 2 does not use the internal GBS8200 firmware as it's very flaky.  The external firmware that I use is 'gbscontrol' and allows the user to control it via WiFi!


I will be ordering a GBS8200 v5.0 to test out, but it should work.  Also, with my Geneve Video to DB9 converter, I use nothing more than a straight through DB9 female to DB9 male cable.  Just plug and play!


I designed a new case to house it all and printed one out on my Creality 5 Plus.  It takes quite some time to print, but it turned out great and everything fits nicely.










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