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activision devloper carts

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Can anyone tell me anything about these 2 activision eprom carts.  I am assuming they were for game development but I am looking to see if others have them or know the story behind them.


Pitfall works but when I read the eprom there are 4 bits different from the released rom.  If you miss-step on a crocodiles head and into his mouth, you still die but your body falls through into the underground.  Kind of interesting but I am not sure if it is just bit rot or an actual bug from a pre-release rom.


The second cart I assume is a bank switch cart but the top chip is not one I know and I don't have a game eprom to put in and see if something works.






Thanks for any feedback.

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My first guess, without having physical access to the board, is DPC - Pitfall II.

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Hmm, my PF2 DPC chips don't look like that, but they have the same footprint.  Who knows, protos and all?

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