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Was just thinking the other day there should be a car club 🤣🤣 Here is a couple of my cars and one that i sold awhile ago. I used to have many photos of my old cars although lost them over the years :(. Anyway it happens. These are not oldschool classics but i like them and please note in Australia we are forced to keep modifications subtle due to laws. So many of us like to restore back to original condition with worked engines (sleepers).


Ford EA Fairmont Ghia 1988 (sold)

I sold this awhile ago but i have fond memories of the car. Was what i learnt to work on and basically built the car from ground up. Basically i restored everything and loved every minute driving it. They made 147kw (200hp) from factory not sure what it made in the end but she was alot quicker when i was done rebuilding her.

  • 4.0L SOHC NA inline six cyl (Australian built)
  • Full engine rebuild
  • T5 manual conversion
  • 977b cam
  • High flow injectors, pump, cat
  • Head ported and induction piping
  • Complete sports exhaust system
  • J3 performance chip



Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo Ute 2004

This is my weekender ute (pickup) and she doesn't get driven much at all (sits at the farm). Had it since new in 2004 and is great fun to drive, still only has just over 100,000kms on her. Anyway yeah never bothered with a full rebuild as it was brand new at the time and has been looked after (immaculate). Has modifications and not really a sleeper but cops seem to leave it alone. Haven't had her on the dyno but from factory they made 270kw so id say after the mods maybe around 320kw-340kw about (450hp+-) or something, shes fast enough.

  • 4.0L DOHC Turbo inline six (Australian built) code name Barra
  • T5 manual (stick shift)
  • Boosted factory GT3582RL turbo.
  • Tuned
  • Frontmount intercooler.
  • Hiflow injectors and pump.
  • Full adjustable suspension - coilovers front - lowing blocks rear - 32mm adjustable swaybar - camber kit ect ect ect.
  • Compete TIG welded stainless steel 3in exhast system turbo back into twin hiflow cats, magnaflow muffler to twinpiece rear.
  • 300w power inverter running a PS2 Slim through a Sony 7.5inch display screen :)




Ford Fairmont AUII 2000

My daily driver, completely stock standard and nothing too special but a good family car (priorities these days) 🤣. Anyway yeah ill post a pic when i get out there with the camera and give her a clean lol

  • 4.0L SOHC NA inline six
  • 4speed BTR M93LE
  • Lux pack
  • Stock
  • Stock
  • Stock
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