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Where to find 1040ST (North American) replacement power supply

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I just happened to find an Atari 1040ST at my local thrift store today, which was incredible, since this was the first time I have ever seen an ST in person before. However, after I bought it I noticed that the previous owner had removed the power supply for some reason. As this is an internal PSU, I can imagine replacement would be difficult. Nevertheless, does anyone know a reputable place I can find a North American 1040ST PSU?

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I have done the Pico as well.. it works.. except you are now using an external powerpack.. but does the trick.



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MeanWell NED-35A Output Switching Power Supply NED-35A 5V4A 12V1A

I seem to recall a good thread that used these PSU's. no outside brick. But I can't find that thread now. I looked pretty good. This psu fits in the case without much modification. Fairly simple wire up. 

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There are numerous replacement PSU options, some already mentioned here.


Exxos' completely redesigned PSU is supposed to be excellent. He's based in the U.K. and it isn't cheap, plus you have shipping from the U.K. to consider, assuming you're not there, but it does sound nice, if a little expensive and overkill. Also, I believe it's pretty much a drop-in replacement.


Another that was mentioned a few months ago, by a user that adopted a couple of STEs from the U.K. and converted them to U.S. models, is much cheaper and, according to the original poster, is working well, or was when they posted anyway. It sounded very promising, so I just bought one for a U.K. STE I just purchased, but I won't have any direct experience with them until everything arrives. This option and the required cabling can be purchased domestically if you're in the U.S. for about $35 shipped.


I'll put links below.

Exxos' remade ST PSU


Mean Well RPD-60A


Connector cables for Mean Well RPD-60A, you'll need three (3)


Original post about converting U.K. STE to U.S. model. Quite interesting since I'm undertaking the same project. I may do a full write-up and video on the project as I go through it and some other upgrades this fall.



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