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7800 ballblazer and non-US Pal releases

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Looking for;

7800 Ballblazer. Don't need the box or manual, just the game. Even the label isn't important, I have a cart with a pristine label but the cart is dead.

Also - I've gotten into collecting non-us PAL releases. I'll attach pics of the ones I have...if you have any I don't in the pics I'm up to buy or trade. I'm sure there's at least a few who have gotten stuck with a few in lots they've bought. That's how I got into it, but now I have an adapter to play PAL games.




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Do you know what is wrong with your Ballblazer?  If the rom chip is bad, you can remove it and replace it with a socket so you can play eproms of other pokey games. There are instructions for this on the 7800 forum somewhere.

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