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"I've put it off long enough. I have a FinalGrom99 coming, and i intend to load RXB into it dive into it head first, just like i did TI Basic and Extended Basic.

In the meantime though, i fired up RXB in classic 99 and wrote my first program in RXB, a simple hello world:

10 WHERE(0)=1 :: WHERE(1)=2 :: WHERE(2)=5 :: WHERE(3)=1
15 MSG1$="HELL" :: MSG2$="WORLD!"
30 GOTO 30


I'm going to hold off exploring RXB any much further until the FinalGrom99 gets here and i can run it on real metal, as i want this learning experience to be just as much of a challenge as my first exposure to the TI. I need immersion, and nothing is more immersive then the real deal."


Don't overlook XB256 which offers different ways to do the same thing. CALL LINK("DISPLY") can display text the same way as VPUT and HPUT but with more versatility. You can double space, triple space, print diagonally, etc. From the manual:

   "CALL LINK(“DISPLY”,row,col,string[,direction,repeat])
   DISPLY lets you print a string on the screen without the 28 column limitation imposed by XB. It starts printing at screen location row and col. If it reaches the right hand edge of the screen it drops down one row, goes to the left side of the           screen and continues printing. If it reaches the lower right corner of the screen it continues printing at the upper left corner of the screen. If you want DISPLY to print in a different direction you can include the optional fourth parameter for           direction. A 1 prints characters one space to the right; a 2 prints characters 2 spaces to the right. A 32 prints text vertically down, 33 prints text diagonally down and to the right. A -32 prints text vertically upwards, and so on. If the direction       is  zero then DISPLY prints from left to right within whatever window boundaries have been defined. If you want DISPLY to print the string repeatedly (somewhat like HCHAR or VCHAR) include the optional fifth parameter to tell DISPLY how         many times you want the text to be repeated. If you want to use the repeat function, you must include the direction. Remember that with DISPLY column 1 is the first column, unlike XB DISPLAY AT where column 1 is the third column on the       screen."


Here is your program set up to print diagonally:

15 MSG1$="HELL" :: MSG2$="WORLD!"
20 CALL LINK("DISPLY",1,2,MSG1$,33)
25 CALL LINK("DISPLY",6,5,MSG2$,-31)
30 GOTO 30


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