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Coleco Adam Cartridge Backup DDP

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Hello everybody, I just got this cartridge backup tape but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I insert the pack and keep trying to backup the cartridge but all I get is the message that the game is "not enough room for this game" even though there's nothing else on the tape, also I tried using blank tapes with nothing on them, still get same error message? Video hustler is also not on the tape even though it says it is. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!



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Haven't used this Cartridge Utility program in decades so memory is foggy, but more than likely there are numerous deleted files on this DDP and they are still taking up a directory slots as the file attribute is just changed to deleted (hidden). Using the Delete Directory option should write a new Directory to the DDP (like the INIT command in SmartBasic) to allow for files to once again be added to the DDP.


Before you do so, load up the directory in SmartWriter by using the Store/Get key or in SmartBasic with the CATALOG, D1 command. If it does not display, then you got a Non-Standard format media and any further investigative work would require an Editor like supplied with File Manager to view each blocks contents to really see what's going on.

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