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José Pereira

I need the help you can give...

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Just now, Irgendwer said:

No it isn't just go and see the posts @Popmilo did and wich days were and hours.

I don't have net at my room because computer is broken and at night, weekends and holidays like was yesterday, Christmas,... I can't answer with the phone that's the reason.

Today and tomorrow I have because I'm on a public institute untill 5p.m. that's why.

I never been out of here as you go to my personal pages and see my posts like I also did a week or two ago the Laser Squad screen as you can see on top of this post photo:

José Pereira  862

I think I made the best I can and don't see anyway better:



I also posted about my current work on a Wonderboy level and stuff for it 2days before New Years day:

Or even there at Ianna's topic:


Your only answering this because you and me had some problems years ago and that hadn't nothing to do with money just a different opinion and what I did seems now whatever was the best because the person sadly never came on here after that (just hope that whatever happened to him he's ok), that's why you just answered without even going to see if I were here before or not, that's why and with Fred_M I resolve my problems soon not with you.)

I thought you simply had put me on ignore though I didn't put you nor anyone here before.

Please don't put flames into a conversation where you have nothing to do with it.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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One of the many examples in the games and projects where I'm in, this one before a weekend:



So we have on all screen 20colours, not bad for an A8 game 😉...

Going out in minutes for the weekend, so cannot post here but can read and see. For anything my mail is [email protected] no problem to contact me if anything urgent comes.




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No one is treating you as if you are a con man and god knows I've been in parts of my own life on the streets (when we fled Northern Ireland because of religious hate) and living on charity for a short time but people help if they can because they want to, its a lovely group of people but asking once is a brave thing, most would not and the people responded and I imagine they sent a fair bit of money because they were so generous towards my daughter so I imagine just the same for you but when the call comes a second time people will step back a little.


In truth I don't give to many charities because of my low money but I put a bit in to Cancer UK because I had that in my youth, I give a little to dementia charities because of my friend and mother in law and some to anorexia charities because of my daughter, when I say some I men loose change, not notes as I can't afford that. I gave to you and it wasn't much because I hate the idea of the situation you are in but like most charities its what little you can and probably hardly ever repeated with any regularity. 


Seeing the second request it made me think if I could afford it and if you would come to be reliant on charity and with my daughter going to Uni and the very low income I have to say "sorry but I can't help".


I wish you well and love your work and if games were sold I'd happily buy the odd one to help all involved but life isn't always fair, that's a lesson I've been taught...

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It was just because the certain person and the way he reacted to this today after all these pages and posts and that I always posted here, never been out or trying to not be seen. It was just this and with him.


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