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Sold: Atari 65XE Video Game System XEGS

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I acquired this back in August but realistically don't have room for it and am looking to sell. A bit difficult to get a true valuation since there aren't too many of these around and little is known about the system, other than that it was sold in at least two countries, Mexico and Chile. I currently have it listed on eBay for $499 but I'll certainly consider all reasonable offers and will offer free, fully-insured USPS Priority Mail or FedEx shipping in a well-packed box. 


Sure, lots of us know that the regular XE Game System (XEGS) is a repackaged 65XE, but this here is an ACTUAL 65XE branded as an XE Video Game System. And to take it a step further, it is the extremely hard to find NTSC final production run model, where Atari made the 65XE on a 130XE motherboard and case. Yep, that's right, it has the Expansion (ECI) Port present and the board internally is identical to the 130XE, minus the 130XE's added RAM, of course.


Cosmetically, the system and accessories are in good shape. Even the plastic protective film over the system nameplate is still present. As far as I know, this bundle includes everything that originally came with the system, including all paperwork, manuals, accessories and packaging. Note that some of the manuals are only in Spanish. Please see the eBay link above for pictures of everything. I have additional pictures beyond the 12 that eBay limits me to that I would be happy to provide - just shoot me a note.


This system and has been lightly cleaned, fully tested and works, and passed all of the "self tests" that Atari built-in to the system software. That said, it has the following flaws:


  1. Color output seems a bit "off." For example, when playing Donkey Kong, the ladders are a pinkish color instead of blue. Similarly, when loading into basic, instead of a blue screen with "ready," a pink screen with "ready" appears. I have tested this via both RF and monitor (composite) outputs (monitor/composite cable not included; only RF, RF adapter and the very old school switchbox (no need to ever use this but included for completeness)) and got the same results. Would be happy to provide pictures demonstrating the color output; just send me a message. Research has indicated that a slight adjustment of the "color adjust pot" under the hood will likely fix this easily. I didn't discover the fix until after I packaged it all up and I'm also not too familiar with doing that adjustment, so I will leave that up to the buyer.
  2. Joystick, while good cosmetically, needs some work. Occasionally it will respond as it should, other times the directions don't respond immediately and sometimes it thinks fire is pressed without it actually being pressed.
  3. Light gun, while great cosmetically (both stickers are intact) and the trigger does respond, it does not seem to communicate properly with the TV and system to indicate "hits."
  4. System outer box is worn, as evidenced by the pictures, but it still holds its shape well.


All three games have also been cleaned and tested and work great. Star Raiders II has both English and Spanish manuals included; Bug Hunt and Flight Simulator II are Spanish-only.


Please let me know if you have any questions about this extremely rare piece of Atari gaming history!

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Cool system!

I believe south american ntsc systems have a different color pallette than usa ntsc. So thats likely the only thing with the color issue.

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Thanks! Didn't realize that regarding South American NTSC (but technically since this was sold in Mexico, isn't that North America?)...The fix is still the color pot adjustment, right?

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