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Coleco Plastic Restoration and mods...

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So let's say a friend has a Colecovision that was cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol....ok, it's me.  It's not SO bad, especially after using some organic orange cleaner on it afterwards (i assume it left its own film on it), but it's got a bit of that signature white haze of a plastic that has been mistreated.  Has anyone had success using any of the plastic restoration products like those from Maguire to restore the black plastic on the colecovision?  I have some Maguire's Ultimate Black, but I assume that has some sort of dye in it.  Someone on another forum suggested TriNova plastic restoration (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AAZ1OAE) which he has successfully used on Xboxes (which have a similar mix of textured and smooth finishes) and he said it does a good job without adding too much of a shine.


Any thoughts?  This will be my "player."  I'm going to have it in the office with a Super Game Module attached.  It's not my childhood system, so i'm going to use the heck out of it and not worry about putting holes in it.  I have caps to recap it, going to probably composite mod it and I bought a no delay bios.  Anything else I should do?



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