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On 10/13/2019 at 11:12 PM, Brad_from_the_80s said:

On the FB9 the micro USB is for power only.  It is possible with hardware mod or tapping into a header to establish a data connection and using flashing tools, but the SD card slot and firmware flashing ability makes it easy to produce software-only distributable mods that anybody could use.  There will almost certainly be a way to access and modify the FB X system by either USB or UART.  The FB X may support USB OTG, which would mean the port can be connected to and potentially a user-friendly mod could be built.  But if not then the FB X will be a modding dead end for most except a dedicated few, and most of that modder interest has only been for the Legends and earlier Sega products.  This will be the main driver of whether to spend any real effort on the FB X or continue focusing on the FB 9 exclusively.  And even the FB9 has some real limitations which may or may not get resolved to support further substantial modding.

FWIW, they claimed the PSX Classic was power only on the back micro-USB port, but that was eventually updated to support OTG.  Granted, that upgrade was done via the USB controller port, and the Atari FB's don't have any.

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