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Some TI stuff that needs a new home

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Checking to see if there is any interest in this stuff.


First, I have a small pile of documentation. There are a dozen module manuals: Programming Aids II, Star Trek, Tombstone City, Early Logo Learning Fun, Alpiner, Hunt the Wumpus, Beginning Grammar, Statistics, Terminal Emulator II (small tear in cover), Parsec, Munch Man, BlackJack & Poker, Addition and Subtraction 1. All in pretty good shape! I've also got a 'TRONICS' binder I've not seen before. Inside is the usual User's Reference Guide, but at the end is a "Tronics Price List", an "Interested in a Home Computer?" flier, a TI Home Computer Program Library with a TRONICS logo (just a description of available TI software), and another larger TRONICS flier, another price list and a shipping list. If you want it, you have to take it all. I'll ship it in the US for $25. If nobody wants it, I'll scan the TRONICS stuff since I've never seen it before and turf it. (I guess if someone only wants the manuals, we can do that for $15).


I have a whole box of salvaged PCBs, about 150 common carts. I suppose everyone does. But in case someone wants to save them, let me know. The box is heavy but I'm sure we can make a fair deal. ;)


I've also got a couple of what seemed to be less common modules, but I don't need them. Are they worth $15 each?


- Protector with flyer

- Adventure with color label and manual

- Beige MBX Championship Baseball with overlay and manual

- Beige TI LOGO II with activity cards

- Beige Fathom

- Beige Congo Bongo

- Beige Super Demon Attack

- Beige Microsurgeon

- Beige MBX Terry Turtle's Adventure with manual

- Beige Hopper with manual

- Beige Burgertime with manual

- Beige Moon Mine with manual


I also have just the manual and overlay for MBX I'm Hiding - ship that for $10.


Finally an unusual one I've never seen, I have Topper in a beige cartridge with a printed label and the PCB sticking out of the end. ;) that's worth a picture... Still $15 though. ;)


The more you take, the more I'll deal! ;)







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Oh, and I forgot to list, for $10 I'll ship a dual cassette cable, $15 for a set of TI painjoysticks or an RF modulator. ;)


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Carts and books are gone.


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