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Gameboy, DS, Xbox 360, misc games giveaway

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I'm cleaning out my closet of games I never play.

As the items are claimed, I'll cross them off the list.

Priority will be given to people who haven't gotten anything from my previous giveaways!



Gameboy color system (purple) (claimed by TheNickman100)

Bart vs Juggernauts (claimed by LwizardL)

Buzz Lightyear (claimed by TheNickman100)

Castlevania Adventure (claimed by Machine)

Crash Test Dummies (claimed by Ghost1313)

Double Dragon II (claimed by RetroSoul)

Dr. Mario (claimed by RetroSoul)

NBA All Star Challenge 2 (claimed by Ghost1313)

Pokemon Gold (claimed by RetroSoul)

Radar Mission (claimed by Ghost1313)

Sword of Hope (claimed by RetroSoul)

Toy Story (claimed by TheNickman100)


Gameboy advance:

Gameboy advance system (Blue, flip-top) (claimed by IntellivisionDude)

Gameboy advance system (clear, missing battery cover, pretty beat up) (claimed by GameMoose)

Crash superpack (claimed by S.Baz)

Harry Potter chamber of secrets (claimed by TheNickman100)

Harry Potter, goblet of fire (claimed by TheNickman100)

Harry Potter, prizoner of azkaban (claimed by TheNickman100)

Pirates of Carribean, Curse of Black Pearl (claimed by mmbe)

Super Mario Advance (claimed by DragonGrafx-16)

Yoshi's Island (claimed by GameMoose)


Ninendo DS:

Anno 1701 (claimed by S.Baz)

Arctic Tale (claimed by S.Baz)

Big Brain Academy (claimed by S.Baz)

Brain Age (claimed by S.Baz)

Brain Age 2 (claimed by S.Baz)

IL Sturmovik (World War II air combat sim) (claimed by S.Baz)

Metroid Hunters first hunt (demo cart) (claimed by S.Baz)

My healthy cooking coach

My SAT coach

My weight loss coach

Nintendogs (claimed by S.Baz)

Space Camp (claimed by S.Baz)

Spectrobes (claimed by LwizardL)

Spitfire heroes (claimed by S.Baz)

Star Fox command (claimed by RetroSoul)

Zenses (claimed by S.Baz)

Zenses Rain Forest (claimed by S.Baz)



Breakout (claimed by Grig)

Pong (no box) (claimed by Grig)
Spyro: year of the dragon (no case) (claimed by Grig)



Grand Theft Auto V (no box) (claimed by captainmorgandrinker)



Midway arcade treasures (claimed by discoTronic)

Morrowind (claimed by discoTronic)


Xbox 360

Disneyland (claimed by joeatari1)

Final Fantasy XIII (claimed by joeatari1)

Left for Dead 2 (claimed by joeatari1)

Shadow of Mordor (claimed by DiscoTronic)

Star Wars: Force unleashed (claimed by joeatari1)



Country Dance (no box) (claimed by captainmorgandrinker)

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 Can I get the Gameboy color system (purple)with 

Bart vs Juggernauts

Buzz Lightyear

Castlevania Adventure

Crash Test Dummies

Double Dragon II

Dr. Mario

NBA All Star Challenge 2

Pokemon Gold

Radar Mission

Sword of Hope

Toy Story


If you still have it?




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Received mine today in a cute "cat bonnet" box!  I snapped a pic and sent it to my 2nd eldest and said her cat needed one.


I'll be taking the front-lit screen out of my beat up GBA SP and I'll be putting it into what rkenneha sent me. I've got the ribbon ordered already. This will be a fun project!


Thanks again!

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Game arrived on Friday and works fine.  Thanks for the fast shipping and your generosity.

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