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How come nobody knows about the Lynx?

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Where do you want to start?


Physical size

Battery Life (or lack of it)


lack of marketing and third party support

miniscule library

Atari's handling of it..


All of the above?


Titles like Shadow Of The Beast and Dracula not being designed around hand held play (no battery back up or pass word system)


Cal Games having less events than the C64 version


Lemmings frantic nature being lost as icons on a pause screen


No prisoner confession screen in APB


levels missing from Ninja Gaiden.



Atari making no serious effort to bring Cabal, Vindicators, Rolling Thunder to it..


No RPG games..Daemonsgate etc being canned.



I owned both Lynxes..a Game Gear and G.B.


Loathed the GB for it's screen, endured the Game Gear screen due to the fantastic titles available on it.


Loved the Lynx but it was classic Atari cutting Rom sizes down so games missed features (Lynx Viking Child has no in game music yet GB version does) and annoucing big name titles you'd never see.


AVP would of been an amazing title on Lynx


But look at some of the stuff Atari were signing up..Strider II Tiertex (finished but thankfully never released).



Publishers like Gremlin only did 1 title (Switchblade II ) as they sold so poorly.


Amazing system, just in wrong hands.


Sega could of done so much more with it I feel.  

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And the neglect continues: I just noticed that this year’s PRGE shirt, which commemorates 1989...has no mention of the Lynx. No one’s doubting the importance of the Genesis and Game Boy, but really? And they couldn’t promote the Lynx contest with even ONE announcement? Bah!

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Nobody ever mentions the best programming language Occam or the amazing processor the Transputer. These were technically far superior to C or Intel. The reason is in how you sell the system.


Amiga made a breakthrough mainly because they realized that people won't buy a piece of hw. They buy a dream.

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However if I may toot my own horn here - the Lynx has grown in popularity since I've stared Atari Gamer, even Engadget wrote a story on it. True it's not as popular as Game Boy, etc, but even the NGPC suffers the same fate I think. We've had 11 new games for the Lynx this year, that's an amazing achievement in itself!

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