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New IIGS Tracks (release)

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Hi everyone! I'm new here. Been working on some tracker music for NinjaTrackerPlus for Apple IIGS computers / emulators. You can listen to many of the tracks on my soundcloud here:



(11 playlists, 88 songs)


There is a wide range of music styles, I hope you find something to catch your ears!


Tech info:

- Songs are recorded from live playback through a IIGS emulator on a PC (GSPlus 0.14)

- Modules are created as a standard Amiga NoiseTracker module in OpenMPT (modern tracker software) on a PC

- The modules are then uploaded and converted to .NTP format for the IIGS with NinjaForce's online conversion tool

- NinjaTrackerPlus modules allow for 14 channel playback with up to 255 8-bit mono samples

- 64K maximum sample space for Ensoniq DOC with restraints

- NTPPlayer by Antoine Vigneau of BrutalDeluxe allows for .NTP playback within Finder

- Songs will play on a stock IIGS with System 6.0.1 or higher


Thanks for listening!

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here is volume 8 : FISH SYNTH

FISH.SYNTH.2mg (Google Drive link) (5 mb)


it contains 9 songs with art work and some extra bonus 640 desktop images

copy Tool222 to the Tools folder, and NTPPlayer to FinderExtras on your System disk

* NTPPlayer is beta, disable it from the Icon Info (or remove the file) if you encounter problems

* SysFont NDA and DeskMaker NDA are not required for music playback, only included for FUN :D


I will be updating this thread with more volumes in the near future!

Thanks for your interest cybernesto! Let me know how it sounds on dat wood!!

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Thanks Mr. Kat! Have you guys had a chance to try it on your GS's? I haven't had a chance yet, and am dying to know how it sounds!


If anyone wants to follow the progress on Vol 10: QUEEN HUTCH, I put up 3-5 songs almost every week! I'm always playing with new sounds and have only recently started using looped samples and SFX. Hope you enjoy the newest stuff :D


Soundcloud Link



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I tried it. Cool stuff. Love the custom icons. Unfortunately the Finder Extra breaks the Sierra Adventures somehow. I have been playing Space Quest and after installing the FinderExtra it stopped working so I had to uninstall it. Is there any other player available?

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Thank you for the feedback guys. For future releases, while NTPPlayer is still in beta, I will just put the extension in the root directory so you can just open it with IR from the Finder on an as-used basis, without installing it to your System drive. Hopefully this is a work around for now, you can just reboot after listening to the tunes to get back to normal


November brings two volumes of new tunes! Please preview Vol 11: BIT PUSHER

I will release both 10 and 11 on IIGS format soon



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