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Monty On The Run - new game

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Another high resolution game will be released for A8, Monty On The Run C16's conversion.


People with VIP tickets will receive it on tape at Silly Venture 2019 party (December 6-8th, Gdansk, Poland).




72654118_2886432034719856_1500383654478610432_n.jpg.f63605f33cd37ae4df5c79e1cbe9ddc9.jpg 73163056_2886432121386514_4721978459306328064_n.jpg.b20b9a8232c2108546c9b80f010f8bc6.jpg

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I saw that the other day at AtariOnline.pl - looks like they've done a real nice job of colourizing it with PMG overlays.


It's actually a game I considered for conversion a few years back - I looked through a whole lot of C16/Plus4 games with the specific aim to find a good 16 or 32K game ( if that top area of memory is unused it makes things a whole lot easier).


Fact of the matter is, that system doesn't have many good games and most of the ones that are need the full 64K.  One thing about the 16K Monty though that didn't impress is that a lot of the animation is missing vs the C64 version. 

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