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New PSU or rebuild?

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I'm trying to talk myself into buying the Universal PSU Kit for my Apple II+.  I've already sunk some big bucks into this thing so it makes sense to make sure the power supply is solid.  I also like rebuilding things and wonder if I should just recap the original PSU?


From what I understand, it's more than just replacing the electrolytic caps.  I believe I should also replace the mains filtering caps too.


So, what do you suggest?  Buy the kit or complete rebuild?  If I do the rebuild, what all do you recommend I replace?


If the cost is within $20 or so (either way), then I would probably just get the kit.  So while I enjoy rebuilding, if recapping is significantly cheaper, then I would do that.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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My vote is for the kit. As cool as original hardware is, a PSU that is reliable is a #1 for me. Even back in the day it was easy to put enough expansions into an Apple II to the point that the PSU just couldn't drive them all. That's why AE developed a higher output PSU of their own. A modern replacement that fits into the original housing? Sounds good to me.


I went with the kit from Reactive Micro and didn't look back.

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You know, I actually talked myself into buying the kit about 5 minutes after I asked the question.  😕


However, I have 8 or more Apple II's (and some clones) so kits for all is out of the question.  I will probably just move the new PSU around to whatever A2 I'm working on and maybe rebuild a few just for the fun of it.


Thanks for the suggestion.


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