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Season 9 ~ Week 10 ~ Paper Medal Pick

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Nice improvement!

Glad I decided to give it another go today!

@Jason_Atari -Haha-"Close to You"-forget three spots, howsabout three points, lol!!! That should be the superjackpot!

(I hope to improve a little, and best of luck to you if you intend to as well, just funny, you having 2696, three points away currently.)



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4 hours ago, AtariWarlord said:

Tutankham 638. Lots of people seem to be stuck around that score/location.

Tutankham (1983) (Parker Bros)_19.png

On the 3rd level most of the times you need to use the flash bomb to get the key without getting killed. Although sometimes after a succession of around 5 to 6 enemies appearing you get a break long enough to get the key and not use a flash bomb.

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Getting better:  1,712!


So, with some luck, you can get through the 3rd level without using a flash.  When you're coming down that long hallway on the right (toward the end of the level) that spawner will pause a little longer, allowing you to get by.


4th level, you have to use a flash...and I don't bother trying to get all the treasures...just get out quickly.  :)


I'm hoping to break 2k on this game before it ends.



Tutankham (1983) (Parker Bros)_5.png

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Tutankham: 663


This is one of those game that I say to myself,  'I am going to play until I get a great score... then I never get a great score'.


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