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WTB Intellivision games

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image.thumb.jpg.296c82d7c99040ce416c0e005988b683.jpgIm looking to buy a few intellivision games. I dont need any sports titles or the boxes. Please take a look at the games I already own. Thank you


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10 hours ago, masschamber said:

I have a bunch available, granted they are complete in box, but they're not really that epensive



$80 for how many games? am a bit confused on whats been sold. Lmk. Thank you

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Everything  that doesn't have a line through it is available, was for all of the games priced below 10 dollars, but I've lowered the prices since then, as it stands I would take 60 plus shipping for everything left except dreadnought factor, dk jr, dracula, and thin ice, I'd take 150 plus shipping for everything else plus those 4

thin Ice cib 35

dracula cib 30

donkey kong jr cib 20

dreadnougth factor cib 20


these games would be 60 plus shipping (plus a few more  bonus cart games)

shark shark, no manual 10

super pro footbal cib 10

super pro basketball cart only 5

world championship baseball cart only 3

championship tennis 3

locomotion 5

mission x 5

mr basic cart only 3

Triple action complete in box rough $1

space Spartans complete five

major league baseball complete one

Tron maze a tron complete five

Astro smash no overlays one

Donkey Kong complete one rough

bump and jump complete rough box 5

poker and blackjack complete one

poker and blackjack complete one

space Battle complete 3

sea battle very rough complete one

frog bog very rough complete 2

Tron deadly discs rough complete 3

snafu no manual 3

microsurgeon complete 10

tennis complete one

Mission X Komplete 10

Nova bat last complete time microsurgeon complete 10

Donkey Kong complete 3

Atlantis complete 5

Carnival complete 3

demon attack complete 5

burgertime complete 5

mousetrap complete 2

Motocross complete 10

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