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NetUSBee and UltraSatan Micro

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Newbie to Atari in general, although I have been making my first steps these past 2 years with an 130XE and now an Atari 1040STfm.


I've been looking at a lot of HardDisk solution these past few days


  • ASCSI -> SCSI like Gigafile , ICD Link II , Gigafile is expensive in my opinion and although I still own SCSI harddrives , ICD Link II is hard to find second hand
  • Inventronik ACSI-SCSI Adapter Series II and a SCSI harddrive ?
  • SCSI2SD looks promising but then I would need ASCSI to SCSI again ? and don't quite find if it works on an ST(fm)
  • UltraSatan interesting but expensive well all the options are maybe I'm just used to cheaper 8 bit solutions :)
  • CosmosEX have sent the email but no response yet, looks like the all-in-one solution

So I thought to use an UltraSatan Micro in combination with NetUSBee , as such the UltraSatan Micro could stay connected on the back of the STFM and since everything is done via networking , Mac/PC don't have to be physically close to each other and I don't need to swap CD/SD/MicroSD cards when wanting to transfer things.

Am I correct with above assumption or are there any other caveats I should know ?


Can I make a tiny Micro-USB hole/connector inside the ST and to the UltraSatan Micro and just run a standard USB cable between them for power ?

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