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Colecovision Games Spreadsheet

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   So here´s the 1st version of the Excel spreadsheet designed to help you with you Colecovision games.


   It works fine in Excel. Apparently it does NOT work well on Google Docs. I haven´t tested it on OpenOffice.


A little video showing what it does:


   Any comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome. 🙂


   I´ve made a few other (A5200, A7800 & Coleco), they can be found here: http://www.lazzeri.online/pub/Checklists.html


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Looks neat - too bad it's not working in google docs.  I've been using something similar that I based off an older list from NAID.  It's not as automated, but using it through google docs allows me to use it on the go a lot easier!

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