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Falcon odds and ends for sale...Part 1

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Okay, years ago I stored 1 of 3 Falcon motherboards away. All 3 had the MB

mods done to them. I had intended to use this one in a project to put it into

a 1040 case. Yeah, it's a kludge and I 'm pointing this out from the start. Any

way, I pulled it out this week and was going to play around with it but I can't

get it to work now. One of the wires from the MB mod is loose and I don't know

if that's the problem or not. I do not have the skills/ability (and eyesight anymore)

to work on a Falcon MB. When turned on, the power light comes on, the keyboard

light comes on and the lights for the CF card come on. Floppy drive doesn't seem

to spin up and it never goes to a desktop.  :(


So...I'm selling this mongrel as a package, "as is". There are lots of new parts and

nearly new parts and general "goodies' included.


brand new power supply

brand new CF card setup (2 gig from Best E.)

TT Touch keyboard upgrade (nearly new)

14 meg RAM board

RGB and VGA monitor adapters

Multisync cable (for monitors that will accept both RGB and VGA)


Hopefully, someone skilled can bring this bad boy back to life and give it the

love it needs.


So I'll start out at $250.00? The P/S alone was $135 bucks. If that's too high

gang, just say so. I'll take PMs for about a week or two...


US shipping only and Paypal please.



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