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Mike Harris

ADAM Disk Drive BIOS

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This is a copy of part of my blog but covers the BIOS I recovered from the Disk Drive I just picked up.


Anyone, please feel free to comment.


MAME uses AD 31 rev a 09-27-84 BIOS

Mine   uses AD 31 rev a 10-11-84 BIOS


Aside from date I see no difference but I have yet to do a byte compare and am lazy to do so anyway.

I see that both are Revision A, Checksum AD 31....just that they have different dates which could always be the date it was burned.


It is a 4k Hitachi  HN462732G Eprom


Other than that, nothing new.

Time to recover the 6801 internal controller code.
Lets see if I can.




Fought the laziness and checked the code.
they match byte for byte so it's just the date.

Being as I can screw with the BIOS I am trying to think up something that hasn't been done before but I don't see anything.

I think I'll just hook to an Arduino and see what happens.

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