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1040 STE Best TOS and Memory Upg

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I’m giving a 1040 STE Some TLC.

1) What version of TOS do I have (pictures) and what’s the best version to upgrade to?  A version that handles years 2000+ would be nice.

2) She has only 1MB (pictures) where are good sources to purchase 4MB (4x 1M Simms)?  And what specs/speeds are best?


Existing TOS



Existing 1MB of memory 


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Google is what should use in cases like this. So, searching for c301164 gave answers. Well, as many times happen, those on top (paying ones ?) were not really good.  Best electronic says TOS 1.60 - no such TOS version.

This http://tho-otto.de/hypview/hypview.cgi?url=%2Fhyp%2Fchips350.hyp&charset=UTF-8&index=138

is much better.  So, it is TOS 1.62 US v. And basically that's best for STE. Surely, you can use TOS 2.06 too - and that fits in STE, easy upgrade, but it is less compatible, especially with games.

There is version with fix for years 2000+, but that will not help SW which is not ready for those years. So, some will be OK, some will not display/set correct year.  I made something with improvements: http://atari.8bitchip.info/tosimav.html

Btw. best solution is switchable TOS, so user can select which TOS v. to use - according to SW what plans to run next. It is easy to solve in STE.


RAM: basically all what can find now should be OK with speed. 100-120 nS will be fine.  Just to add: faster RAM chips will not make it working faster. Speed is determined by CPU clock rate.  RAM just needs to be fast enough for CPU's RAM accessing cycles.

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I agree with ParanoidLittleMan. A dual TOS setup with 1.62 and 2.06 is best for compatibility and usability. 2.06 introduced a lot of changes that improved TOS and made the computer better in terms of usability, especially with TOS based programs. However, it broke a lot of older programs, especially games. A lot of those have since been patched or fixed, but a 1.62/2.06 combination with a Dual TOS card from Exxos, other similar devices is a good idea if you don't mind spending the money.


As far as upgrading the memory, you just need 4x 1MB 30-Pin Non-Parity SIMMs that are 120ns or faster. I just bought mine at the link below and got them for $9.99 USD shipped. I friend of mine in the U.K. just bought from the same place because he said he couldn't find anything anywhere near as low over there even after factoring in the extra shipping.




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