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3 Sites Apple II

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The Lower Planes: www,telnet,ssh on all the usual ports

Your best Apple II BBS hosted on ye olde pc ms-dos based software.  Lots of files, FSXnet and MICROnet.  The best online games from way back when.

Pineapple: www

Home of the hardware database, images and descriptions in searchable forms with as many details possible all crammed in.  Now you can look up your unknown card and see what you can find. The Library searchable catalog of all things Apple II documents. Provides the support documents for the hardware database, but contains far more than just those entries. All sorts of anecdotes, photos, and other information.

Ghostwheel: www

The BEST Australian BBS registry in the World!

This is well a complete furphy.  Is it the best BBS list in Australia - well not yet.  Is it the best BBS list in the world - ahh no not that either.  BUT it is the best GLOBAL list, from Australia, so head on down and add your BBS to the list.



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