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SCSI to SSD or SD card

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I picked up a SCSI card that has a working SCSI drive in the system.


Jim Fetzner told me about the ACARD device that gives a bridge to an IDE device.  Thinking about a SSD drive or perhaps an SD card. 


Is the ACARD, the AEC-7722 Ultra SCSI 160 to IDE Bridge ATAPI device?  I want to confirm before I select the wrong option.


Second, what device is recommended to go from the IDE to SATA SSD drive?  Or, is there the capability to go to a SD card?


Has anyone done this?  I am weighing options so that I can make backups easily, etc.


Thanks for any feedback.



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In my opinion, if you want flash, a great the best option is to go the SCSI2SD route.  Version 5.x works nicely and Richard was testing the v6.x board recently.  I believe Michael and a few others here are using the SCSI2SD card.   The IDE bridges work ok but they add another level of complexity and failure.  SCSI2SD is low power, let's you configure multiple devices on the same SD, and is highly configurable.   The only potential gotcha is that with the Geneve if the card generates an interrupt it will lock the system in all currently released versions of the Geneve OS; version 7.0 includes a SCSI interrupt handler to get past this issue but as I documented elsewhere I corrupted two drives with v7 so I am not releasing it until I find the issue. (there are some setup options you can set to get around the interrupt if I recall correctly)


I'm not for certain if this is the model Richard is testing nor do I know if this is the best purchasing web site.  I bought mine long ago and no longer recall where I bought it, though I am pretty sure it was from the creator's site.



Edit:  I have an ACARD ARC 760B (7720U) that I successfully use and I think Gazoo/Tony Knerr had one in his system at one time. I forgot all about it until re-reading yours and ArcadeShopper's posts more closely.



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ACard is no longer in business.  I had been distributing for them factory-direct for a couple of years when all of a sudden they stopped answering phones and emails, and just prior several employees were posting around about abusive working conditions and management changes.  Just FYI.  There is no such thing as factory new, especially if you are looking for the AEC-7730A, which is the USCSI(160)-to-SATA adapter.


To answer your question, the AEC-7720 is the ODD (ATA) device, while the AEC-7722 is the HDD device.  Unless people are starting to mark them up due to the loss of Acard, these should run you between $25 and $50.


I have heard tell of people hacking the 7720 with the 7722 firmware.  I have no experience with such hacks so YMMV.

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