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Keyboard Keys Auto-Repeating - How to Fix?

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So I've been thoroughly enjoying my TI-99/4A that I picked up a couple weeks back. The only issue I have had (besides a couple of dud cartridges and the original crappy joysticks not working at all - the latter of which isn't any issue since I picked up TexElec's adapter and use Atari compatible joysticks) is that some of the keys auto-repeat on me. As in, I'll type my name, Ben, into a game that asks for my name upon startup and even though I very clearly only press B-E-N, I get Beeenn. As much as I appreciate the enthusiasm of "Beeenn," I would prefer the keyboard to register input appropriately, especially if I ever decide to dabble in BASIC.


The computer is in great shape and I cleaned it as soon as I got it, even though it didn't seem to need much cleaning. It's an original Black/Silver model with the "Solid State Software" nameplate. Think I'm dealing with dirty contacts under the keys? If so, how do I remove the keys and clean the contacts? 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hmm, it could be a loose solder joint. More likely noisey contacts though!

Just depress the problem keys, than release, repeatedly...
...oh about 50-500,000 times and see if that clears it up...


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