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SIO female pins

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So I thought I had bought the correct SIO female pins here




, soldered them to wires only to discover they are too little :)
Top one is from a broken cable with the correct sized connector




So I've been searching the interwebz but am still puzzled what the correct connector is ? 
It's a Molex KK something but which one is the correct size for our SIO plug ?







This one looks to have flange which doesn't look correct to me for our purpose


Anybody can shine some light on which part number is the correct sized connector ?



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I got these, they work perfectly 


These work as well but the bit that grips the insulation is slightly different


I use this crimp tool for dupont, jst and kk series crimps

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Thanks everybody for the info, it's interesting how many variants turn up.

@Mr Robot also thanks for the link to the crimp tool, I got the same one :)


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