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FG99's, TIPI's, Lotharek HxC's - SD's Cards Everywhere! Oh My!

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Besides your TIPI's, FinalGROM's, HxC's, you may also have various SD cards for your RPi's, DashCams, cell phones, cameras, video cameras, etc...

If you are like me, the blasted things are everywhere!  1MB, 2GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB cards, something for every different application or purpose.  I originally found many at thingiverse.com << HERE >>, but thought to look at Amazon too.  <<THIS LINK>> shows many different styles, and for probably cheaper than one could get someone to print one up to sell to them.  Sadly, all of the ones I've seen so far are lacking a TI logo! 😉


I've wondered though, if one was going to design a TI-99/4A compatible SD card holder, how would they design it?  Would it attach to the TI somehow?  Maybe clip into the heat slots on the back or plug into the unused cassette port?  For those that use an external speech synthesizer (not me), one could be inserted inside and under the lid too.  Definitely a market for such an item I would imagine.


I ordered this << cheap one >> off of Ebay, but one for the TI would be awesome too!

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