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1983 tape for TI-99/xx

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Well, if the copyright scares you, you could always try to look up

Mike Wilcox and Dave Guardanapo

The people behind TRONICS, who would be able to give you permission... 



OR, you could just rest easy knowing that TRONICS sales and distribution went out of business a long time ago, and just send me those wav files. :P

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I have a lovely Tronics collection.  :) My dad and mom both worked for the Tronics distribution center in Ft. Worth TX before TI went out of business.


they were a marketing company that dealt specifically in TI gear.  Many of those

tapes are actual TI programs, but some are sales tapes and lectures....  not sure if I have that specific one, but I will check it out.  If you search "Tronics" on this forum, you will see a bunch of info I have posted over the years.  :) 

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Well, I mean, I TRIED calling their contact number, but they told me they had no idea who TRONICS was!


2563 East Loop 820 North, Fort Worth TX 76118,


Surely they would have been happy to take my money and send me my own copy, but noooooooooo

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