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Measuring a PEB

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10 hours ago, wierd_w said:

Still going;  Now that I have a PEB to measure, I can do it myself :P


Admittedly though, I just get real sad every time I see that things all bent like that.  I really need to get/make some kit to straighten it.



I think I will use Aluminum instead of steel for any replications; Easier to bend by hand.  That steel is unyielding with anything but a hydraulic press.


I fully understand the frustration...I though I packaged it well... my first boxes are coming in here and guess what,

also my PEB is damaged with alumimum bended at the sides... and some other items are broken, but luckily not the

important ones, that seems to be okay.  I had 6x PEB boxes (of my father) and I wish I had more to send to you,

but I have only 2x left here for myself (and after moving houses in Feb. I can start to get them operational again).

and let me know where I can help.  Send me the CN24 form of DHL, gonna complain to them.






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9 hours ago, --- Ω --- said:

@Schmitzi is a hoarder of P-Boxes if I'm not mistaken.  He's probably got more in his house than the rest of Western Europe! 😉

Past a certain number of P-boxes you aren't hoarding anymore, you're building a bomb shelter.

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