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Edit 6502 Disassembler Disk missing-Ken Leonhardi-LJK St. Louis, MO

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Hi together,


Thanks to JAC! and bcombee we now have a final status on incredible fast EDIT 6502 assembler. Everything we have, just the disk with the box is missing:

https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Edit 6502


In the manual we find:





Ken Leonhardi from LJK Enterprises P.O. Box 10827 St. Louis, MO seems to be in charge. Maybe, the L in LJK is for Leonhardi? Maybe, someone in the Missouri area knows more?


Therefore, is anyone out there in the galaxy, who is in the possession of this very disk and can make an atr of it? Please check side B, too. Thank you so much in advance, your help is very much appreciated. 🙂


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I didn't know about this assembler. From what I see: it looks excellent. How is the speed compared to Mac/65 and/or Synassembler?


I haven't tested it yet. I read it is for OS-B ... does it run on XL/XE? 


I must say I am always very pleased with software with an old date. This is really an old title. Even cooler when it turns out to be a true gem....

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