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I have more goodies to sell!

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I have a little bit more to sell.  I'm now saving up for the Harmony Encore cart!  All items have been tested and are working.  Prices do not include shipping (unless price states 'SHIPPED').  Selling the $46 bundle for everything will get me to the amount I need for my Harmony Encore order!  Just sayin' lol!!  The $46 is based on a gift amount payment as I am only $46 away from ordering that Encore cart!



Or take everything for $46 SHIPPED!  (That's for the 2600 Zellers cart and the Flashback 8 plus paddles!)




Ocean City Defender - Zellers pirate cart (I still can't believe they did this!) of Atlantis - CIB $20-$25 sound fair?






Flashback 8 and Paddles from the Flashback 8 - brand new.  $43 SHIPPED to Canada or the US

Considering people have wanted to order the Atgames Paddles for $30 plus shipping, I thought I would include the system and manual with the new set of paddles and put it on here.  The way I look at it.. $30 for the paddles, $5 for the Flashback and $8 Shipping (even though it will cost me more like $13-15 to ship... doesn't matter).  These paddles are confirmed to work with the regular VCS as I tested it this weekend briefly with Breakout.




If you would like additional pics of any of the items or have any questions, please ask.


As games are sold, I will strike them out from the above list.


Thanks for reading and have a great 2020!!


Pengo Cart only SOLD

Moonsweeper by Imagic - cart and a rather minty manual SOLD

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon - never had the English manual, the only manual is in French. SOLD

Star Wars Movie Soundtracks Lot all in beautiful condition - Sold

Atari Cart Lot #1 - 10 games with their manuals plus two additional manuals.  - SOLD

Atari Cart Lot #2 - 9 games with their manuals - SOLD

Dragon's Crown Pro for PS4 - like new condition!  Skill cards are still sealed in the pack!  SOLD

Ridge Racer 3D - SOLD

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions - SOLD

Code of Princess - SOLD

Animal Crossing New Leaf - SOLD

Kid Icarus Uprising - SOLD

Oregon Trail - SOLD

Fire Emblem Awakening - SOLD

Minestrom Manual for Vectrex - SOLD

Sir Lancelot Manual for Vic 20 - SOLD

Baldurs Gate strategy guides for both BG 1 and 2 plus a cloth map for BG2 as well as some collectors cards for BG2. - SOLD

Colecovision Games Guide - great read!  SOLD

Legend of Zelda - 7-11 Slurpee Cups (Canada Exclusive) - SOLD

Tiny Arcade Games Lot of all four shown - all in like new condition - SOLD




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updated sold items and added bundle deals!

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I'm sad... :(  Nobody has shown any interest in my goodies.  Don't like a price?  Shoot me an offer... maybe we can work out a fair price?

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