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Neat little game! But does it really need to mimic the O2's brand of tiled gameplay? Maybe the Left Difficulty switch could be used to toggle between tiled and normal (press the joystick and you move, release and you stop) gameplay? 


Also, if a pause feature isn't really necessary (it's not), I like the idea of using a difficulty switch to switch between being able to shoot through dead robots or not. Though the persistent shooting and one getting through is compelling enough too.   :)

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On 12/7/2019 at 3:23 PM, Dionoid said:

Suggestion: if the helicopter is not moving and then you press & hold the fire button, moving into a direction would only change the direction of the shots and not actually move the heli. If you release the fire button, then the heli would stop shooting and start moving again.


Anyway, this game is fun!


On 12/8/2019 at 2:25 AM, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Your solution might work for you and others, but e.g. James, who keeps the fire button constantly pressed, would probably not be happy with it. It sometimes is almost impossible to make it right for everyone.


You are absolutely correct, it would completely change my approach to playing the game if your helicopter stopped moving as soon as you pressed fire. I don't see many situations where you would need to sit and fire in several directions without moving. You're usually chasing the tanks and not waiting for them to come to you. In fact, if you're sitting and waiting for them they will soon be firing on you with a defensive shield you can't shoot through. If you're chasing the tank already, you're shooting in the correct direction while chasing them, no need to stop and fire in several directions.


You *COULD* have it both ways and it might work if it's really necessary. Here are the four scenarios with the button and movement.


Pressing the Button While Stopped:

- If the fire button held down while stopped, pressing the joystick in a direction will result in firing in that direction and doesn't move the helicopter.

- When you let go of the button you are able to move again.


Pressing the Button While Moving:
- If the fire button is pressed while moving, you keep moving and fire in the direction that you're moving.

- If you stop moving while the button still held down, the helicopter continues to fire in the direction you last pointed.

- If you start moving again, while still holding down the button, you're able to start moving again while continuing to fire in the direction you're moving


Moving without the Button:

- No shooting, you move as normal


No Direction, No Button:

- No movement, no shooting


Hope the above makes sense. The above should satisfy both the need to shoot in all directions without moving the helicopter and also allow people like me to continuously fire, or fire whenever you like, while moving. The only adjustment I would need to make to my gameplay is that I need to remember to start moving before I start firing.


- James

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Hi James, your suggestions make sense. This would make it easier to control both the helicopter and the shooting direction.

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Your suggestions make sense, thanks. I have to see if I find the ROM space for the change, but switchable controls are most likely out of scope.


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