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Tripod advice from any of you videographers

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This is a really big stretch to say this is Atari related, but since I'm looking for this so that I can do some Atari related videos...


Anyway, I've seen a lot of videos of guys assembling their 1088XELs, and installing their Ultimate 1MB Upgrades, etc. I'm wanting to do some similar videos when I start my 1088XEL build later this winter. I'm also running through Exxos' list of mandatory fixes on my adopted U.K. STE, as well as installing a dual-TOS card and converting it to a U.S. model. I'd like to make videos of this process as well.


I have a larger, regular style tripod for I use for my DSLR. What sort of smaller, workbench or desktop style tripod do you video guys use for up close and personal shots? I don't see myself starting to do unboxing videos every time you turn around or starting a video blog or anything. I'd just like to have something small and cheap that will help me with the occasional video.


Any suggestions?

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This is what I use:




Broken distant family phone inserted just for the photo :D



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Just make sure you get the kind with 3 legs.  The budget kind with only two (or one) leg just don't work!

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