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making old games look good with 16:9 aspect ratio

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This is interestingly radical. https://articles.byuu.org/state-of-emulation-v




Although this isn't ready yet, a future enhancement I am greatly looking forward to adding to bsnes is 16:9 widescreen support for games.

The tilemaps and coordinate system for the SNES PPU easily allows for this, but in order for it to function properly, games will have to be manually patched to support the additional screen space.

It's basically a waiting game in the hopes the idealized (and real!) screenshots such as above will convince SNES ROM hackers to create these patches. If and when they do, my hope is to bundle them with bsnes to allow for automatic widescreen support out of the box.



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Indeed. But the idea is nowhere a new one. Early screenshots and strategy books often depicted the entire game-world or an expanded view. And while I can't think of a specific example at the moment, care may need to be taken as some items or parts of mazes are meant to not be visible when "off-screen".


Still, though, it is yet another example of how emulation can be better than the original hardware; aside from all the inherent benefits in virtualizing games.


Whenever I'm in doubt (infrequently) that emulation is the right choice, I just look at this shit!


tower-of-power.jpg.c73678e57879328d70a3a292549b665c.jpg     VS 4480723a.png.2d5d2aeb9fb2694aff54f241c8e5eebc.png

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Having a wide screen for side scrolling Nintendo games sounds like a good idea as long as ratio is still maintained...


There's some anamorphic games that support widescreens made back in the 90's.  When playing the 32X version of Virtua Fighter on Fusion, I set the emulator display to 16:9 stretch and in the game's settings the graphics to "squeeze".  That way the squashed characters get stretched back to their proper ratios on what appears to be a larger size ring.  True there's a loss of texture detail but the effect looks great on a modern widescreen.



VF Widescreen.jpg

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If I get around to streaming 4:3 games on Twitch, I'll probably just put my face camera and box art on the side of the screen.


It's cool that a game from the '90s supported anamorphic squeeze. This is probably because wide screen analog HD TV sets were a thing in Japan.


Has anyone done wide screen in N64 emulation? I know emulation is able to get you higher resolution textures, maybe it could widen the view port too?

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