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FS: Entire Collection (TI-99 bundle, massive Super Famicom bundle, Famicom Data Recorder, more)

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Hey guys, selling (almost) my entire collection, since I’ve been out of the hobby for about a year now, don’t plan to return, and especially seeing how things are could always use some extra funds. I'm keeping my Virtual Boy collection, modded 3DS, and the Japanese Super Mario Advance 4 e-Reader cards that I don't have duplicates of, but everything else is going.
A lot of these lots are great for those who want to get started on collecting for a given console. I’m in the process of listing everything, so more items will be added in the coming days.


Note: eBay links are for more images and more details, prices for anyone who buys them from me on AtariAge are stated in my post (lower than what I'm charging on eBay).


Unless otherwise noted, everything is tested and working.



TI-99/4A with Joysticks, Hookups, and Three Games


The unit has seen better days, having heavy marks in some places and missing three keys (the pads under them work, though the "B" sticks), and the modulator had to be taped near its end (does not effect operation), but everything else is in very good condition. Games are Congo Bongo, Donkey Kong, Hopper, Jungle Hunt, Munch Man, and Munchmobile. Congo Bongo is relatively rare from what I've seen.

Price: $110 plus shipping





Super Famicom with Two Controllers, AV/S-video Cable, Eleven Games, Super Game Boy 2, Eleven Game Boy Games, and Pocket Camera


Console and controllers are in very good condition with only medium levels of yellowing. Almost everything else is in very good to extremely good condition, see images for more detail.

Price: $285 plus shipping





Game Boy Advance SP with Charger, Five Games, Link Cable, e-Reader +, and Super Mario Advance Box


Handheld has several medium to heavy marks (particularly on the inside in the bottom left corner of the control panel), though the screen and controls themselves are in extremely good condition; with both having no noticeable marks (except for the screen having a couple of dead pixels; see images) and all buttons being extremely responsive. Everything else is in very good to extremely good condition. This copy of Super Mario Advance 4 has twenty-two e-Reader levels scanned in, many of which are highly unique and were never released outside of Japan.

Price: $125 plus shipping





Japanese Super Mario Advance 4 e-Reader Cards - Pick Your Cards


See eBay listing for list of cards. They vary in condition, but are all tested and fully working.

Price: $6 plus shipping per card




CIB Japanese Playstation 1 with Three Games


Console has to be stood on its side to be able to read discs, otherwise everything is tested and fully working. Games are Rockman Complete Works, Rockman 4 Complete Works 4, and a random sports game. Rockman 4 Complete Works is somewhat uncommon to come across CIB.

Price: $75 plus shipping





Micom Basic Magazine 1984 and 1986 Issues


This magazine was a monthly publication that was printed in Japan from the early 80s to 2003 and contained programs written in BASIC for many Japanese computers of the time, both the popular and less popular ones. Also included are ads for various Japanese computers and games of the time, such as arcade ports of Namco games and Hudson Soft’s licensed Nintendo games. In the case of the latter, some issues even feature pre-release screenshots of these games. See eBay links for more information.

1984 Price: $25

1986 Price: $33

1984 Issues: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324239887360

1986 Issue: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324239896780




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On 12/22/2019 at 5:35 AM, Giles N said:

Bump = all gone?

Everything's still for sale except for the Game Boy Light, which I've removed. 5200 lot is now $234.95 plus shipping.

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