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I went through some old pictures the other day and found some from JagFest 1998.  I thought it might be nice to upload them here for posterity and see if anyone recognizes themselves or someone they know.


Highlights that I remember:

  • Hosted by Kevin Manne
  • Battlesphere demo
  • Thea Realm Fighters demo
  • Steve Scavone showing Gorf 3D progress
  • Aircars networked play
  • Super Burnout tournament (1st place: Wes Powell)
  • Tempest 2000 tournament (1st place: Wes Powell who absolutely crushed it)
  • Psychedelic Pong tournament (1st place: Me)
  • Ultra Vortek tournament (1st place: Wes Powell)
  • Native demo (I believe this was the first time I saw/played it)
  • Various homebrew for play loaded by bjl (if I remember correctly)
  • Dave Bell talking about his wealth of knowledge on the Tramiels as well as his vaporware game, Defcon 1 (I believe it was his Alpine devkit that was displayed)
  • Wes Powell successfully jumping over 2 tables
  • Primal Rage soundtrack CD donated to me by Wes Powell (He said it was awful... I listened to it on the long drive back from New York... He was right... But I cherish it nonetheless ;-))
  • Someone walking off with my copy of Secret Quest for the Atari 2600



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53 minutes ago, JagChris said:

Is that Scavone holding up the Iron Soldier poster?


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Love seeing these pics man! Thanks for sharing :)

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Just now, K3V said:

Love seeing these pics man! Thanks for sharing :)

Hey man - good times sleeping on your concrete hotel room floor for PC5 :)  Was SOOO pissed when I had to leave early on Sunday and missed the interview.  Another Nuon-fest would also be cool :)

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