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FINALGROM99 Building the card but sofware related questions

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What was the fix?
Well the coding I shot from my phone was using Zflasher, android app. It was sending code to the USBtiny but it wasn't recognizing the USBtiny.

I brought it home and installed AVRdude on my Win10. When I did that the USBtiny was recognized. I did each update separately. 1.3 and avr. 1 file on the SD card at a time. No other files on the card. Add

update to card. Insert card. Insert FinalGROM99. Boot TI-99/4a. Allow Update time. G3 TI-99/4a. Repeat for


update. Create FinalGROM99 file structure on the SD card. Insert SD card and Boot. BAM. Worked.

I may have bricked it and revived it. I am not sure. Pretty robust card though. Worked after all I put it through!

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Flying Shark can be played on the keyboard.. kinda... 
Not too bad. Hey you getting my messages? I think they are being sent no where lol

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