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Identifying a Horizon clone

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I have a "Horizon" 1 meg RAMdisk. It looks like a Horizon, uses the same software as a Horizon but isn't a Horizon as far as I can tell. Since the board is fully populated, I can't see much of the masking on the board. However, on the top edge, just visible under the batteries (which are arrayed in a straight line as a series of three AA cells) are the words "Solid State Floppy Drive". Does anyone have an idea who the creator might be? The memory chips are Asahi AK62256LPs, triple stacked except for the last 4 which are double stacked. I have some suspicions but any help would be appreciated.

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I would bet, it's a Midwest Engineering, George Bowman.

They came out at one Chicago fair, under cutting Bud Mills. I thought Bud was gonna have a canary.


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A quick snapshot could help.  :) 


i have a Midwest RAMDisk I could compare it with.  However, the Midwest Consulting boards are very clearly marked, and hard to miss.

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